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Integrate any of your favorite tools
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Sass and less are both popular choices. We wanted to make it easy so that you could either one of them. We have left the code in the grunt file, just commented out. By default the grunt file is setup to handle Sass files, but can easily be modified to handle Less.


Grids & Libraries

Different libraries and grids work best for different projects. We don't want to limit you to a particular grid or library. We have added several to choose from and more will be available in the future including additional jQuery & JS libraries.



All packages come with a grunt file to run through several tasks that process and minimize your code. We will be adding options for Gulp in the future. These files are fully editable if you wish to add your own grunt tasks as well.

Customize & Build your package

CSS Processor

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Sparq is open source. It's hosted and available on GitHub.

Documentation Coming Soon...

But..while you wait

Learn how to get started :)

1. Download your package. (Standard or Custom)
2. Unzip your download and using terminal 'cd' into it.
3. Run grunt.